17 postgraduates in UMPEDAC have graduated this year. A small occasion is arranged on 22nd October 2018 at Wisma R&D to celebrate the success of the students. All graduates present were honored by the Founder & Director of UMPEDAC by dressing up the robe and scroll. The event was also attended by parents and students of UMPEDAC to celebrate their senior success.

List of Graduates:
1) Ehsan Taslimi Renani
2) Md. Shouquat Hossain
3) Mohd Syukri Ali
4) Seyed Hamidreza Aghay Kaboli
5) Yip Sook Yee

Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun

Master of Renewable Energy:
1) Mohd Haniff Mahmood (wih distiction)
2) Amir Asmail@Ismail
3) Goh Kuan Thai
4) Nur Ayeesha Qisteena Muzir
5) Nur Hafawati Abdullah
6) Nur Khairin Bujang

Master of Engineering (Power System):
1) Azil Zhanif A. Zulhany
2) Gary Ong Chong Kheng
3) Mardzulliana Zulkifli
4) Nor Aini Abdullah
5) Zafran Khalis Mokhtar Azizi